• Cherub Blanket
  • Cherub Blanket
  • Cherub Blanket
  • Cherub Blanket
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    Cherub Blanket


    The woven cherub graphic was made using a physical porcelain cherub to give a glowing doll effect. Take a photo or get your guests to stand back to show off the full effect of the piece. 

    A heavyweight heirloom quality blanket made from recycled and natural cotton with a weight of 1629 grams. Hidden woven label on the corner. 

    Completely woven in the USA. 

    The woven cherub graphic is designed to give a glowing effect from a distance and in photos. 

    Measures out to be approximately 50 x 60 inches  

    Batch count of 10 


    Machine wash, mild detergent, tumble dry. 

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    All orders come with a free promo tote bag. Colour may vary.