Items in the pre-order section are separated from our shop section to distinguish the difference in delivery time and on-hand availability.

Once the product has landed, it will be moved to the "Shop" section and will be available for purchase in our office space or via our online shop, unless the stock was completely sold through during the pre-order time period. 

Items listed as pre-orders will take up to 4 weeks to be shipped out to you. This means you will receive a shipping notification anytime between the order date and 4 weeks from that date. Expected delivery times will be available through the provided tracking numbers. Orders placed with local delivery will be notified that their item has landed and can expect delivery within 48 hours. 

If there's a delay and your item will take longer than the 4-week period, you will receive an email notification along with a discount code for your next purchase. This code will not expire and can be used on all regular priced items. Discount codes are valid in-person or via 

If you place an order with multiple items, for example, 2 pre-order items or 1 pre-order item and 1 item we have on hand, your order will ship once all of the items are in our possession. If you would like to have them ship individually, please leave a note for us at checkout. We will reach out to you via email within 24 hours. 

Product images are 95% accurate to the product you will be receiving. Brand and care labels are subject to change. Colours, sizing, and fit will be accurate and are based off of physical samples we have on hand. Sizing charts will be provided for all clothing and measurements will be provided for everything else.