Zhamak Fullad

Kyle Desautel

Who is Zhamak Fullad? Is there anything you would like to speak on before we get started?

I like cats and I like photos. It's as simple as that. I love ice cream too!

I saw that you posted photos from Yams Day this year. Can you talk about what it was like to be around everyone celebrating his life?
People were excited, his friends were excited, his mom was the most thrilled. She was wearing his favorite jersey along with the headband he always wore with a speech ready at hand. But, everything got a little crazy after a fight broke out, unfortunately. His close friends were super bummed that a day meant for positivity and celebration turned out so sour.

I know that you have tons more photos of artists than you actually post. Why do you hold back on posting them?
A lot of people ask me the same question; I'm not sure I just hoard in hopes of one day making a book. I like seeing my work in the physical realm like in an art show or a zine.

Are you thinking about putting a zine out soon? 

I'm actually working on publishing a book by the end of the year! Maybe a couple of zines between now and then as well.

Are there any styles of photography that you haven't had the chance to explore yet? If so, why does that style interest you?
I'm not really interested in other styles of photography, but I have been dabbling in the filming world. I'm currently finishing up a couple of music videos and a short doc, which I'm super excited to release very soon.

Is there anything that bugs you in regards to the way photographers go about getting their photos?
Most photographers annoy me. It depends on the scenario, but when it comes to shooting artists they get too excited and get in my way. I'm mostly dealing with male photographers in these situations, and as a female, I get belittled a lot. I look a lot younger than my actual age so they automatically assume I'm some groupie, meanwhile I'm SUPPOSED to be there. It's cool because I just think they're try-hard Hypebeasts!


Do you have a favorite artist who inspires you? Whether its a musician, photographer, designer, etc?

I look up to my friends a lot; I know a lot of super talented and creative individuals. I also love Kanye and Travis Scott. 



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