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A look into the world of Wassim Farah aka @WSSM6. 

by Kyle Desautel 

Who is wssm6? You have all this work and it seems that because of where you are from many people aren't aware of who you are. What are some things you want people to know about you?

I am a 21-year old photographer/videographer/creative from Ottawa, Canada. Pursuing those things has become my full-time obsession. It's all I think about, care or do. I started taking this stuff seriously just under 4 years ago. There's a lot I want to do in Ottawa and other cities event/gallery wise in the coming years. As well as releasing books and other projects.

I saw you met Drake in Toronto at Jorja Smith's concert. How did all of that go down? Was he cool?

First I want to shoutout Jorja Smith for being an amazing person and artist. She’s so sick. Okay, Drake, he’s cool. I went to Toronto to shoot Jorja’s show, a couple minutes before she went on stage he showed up to support. He joined her on stage for a song. Afterwards, in Jorja's green room, I just kept shooting. Spoke with him and took some different photos. This is all thanks to Jorja! 

You traveled around Europe with Night Lovell and you've taken multiple trips to different places around the world on your own.  There has been a lot of fun times but what is the shitiest part of traveling?

I think it would be not getting proper sleep, along with flying every day or being on a train. You kinda get little naps in throughout the day in airports, planes or in cars. Also just constantly eating junk food. I love places like McDonald's but sometimes eating it for a month straight isn’t the best thing for you hahaha. But touring is so enjoyable that these things don’t really bother me that much. 


Everyone is talking about Lil Peep. I know it affected you when he passed away. What's your thoughts on it now that some time has passed?

I think its still really sad, he was just too young to die. He’s a legend now. We only met twice but I've never had someone I've met or have been friends with pass away. So it did hit me. Before anything though, I was a fan of his. I loved his music and his image. I'm grateful I got to shoot him and hang around before he passed. Shoutout to DJ Yawns for plugging me. 

His music will live forever.

What do you think about going to school for photography? Would you recommend it?

I've always hated school and done terribly in it. I got into a 2-year photography program at Algonquin College in Ottawa but ended up dropping out just before the first semester ended. 

I don’t think photography school is for everyone. Some people learn way more on their own through the internet and being out there taking photos and learning how your camera works. Some people learn better being in a classroom, depends on your learning style.  


What’s your approach to photographing artists you meet?

Uhm it depends on the artist and the situation we’re in. Sometimes I'll just sneak candid photos. Other times ill introduce myself, show them my work, and ask if I can take some creative photos with them. After that ill be like “yo ima be around, is it cool if I snap candids of you throughout the day?”

I think it's important to respect the artists. If they’re at a festival all day photographers are taking photos of them or fans are asking for selfies and they don’t always like that. So you have to be mindful of all that. 

There is a video of you taking Polaroids of Kodak Black at Rolling Loud and he tries to finesse one from you, can you tell us the story behind that video?

Hahaha yeah, so I had taken a couple polaroids of him. But suddenly as one of the polaroids was ejecting out of my camera he grabbed it and said: “lemmy get dat” as he started walking away with it. I was really surprised because with polaroids, that 1 physical copy is the only thing you get. He eventually told me to take another one for myself to keep so I recomposed the same shot. As the new Polaroid came out of the camera he snatched it and said: “matter fact I want dat one ahhh” and handed me the other one I took. It's pretty funny to me now that I'm looking back on it. 


Who is one person you have talked to, hung out with, or simply just shaken their hand that you wish you could have gotten a photograph of?

Uhm Frank Ocean, we spoke for like 30 seconds at a gallery in LA.


What's the craziest thing you have done for a photo/photography?

Sleeping on the homie Jack and Roman’s couch in LA for 3 months while eating 30cent frozen burritos every day to save money so I could be out there longer. It was worth it. I accomplished a lot while I was there and made a lot of connections that have helped me with my work today.

Any plans for 2018?

JUST CHILLIN. We’ll see what happens… Hahaha but yes, I’m hoping I can put out a book by the end of the year and do a couple galleries. I wanna do more for Ottawa but it's going to take some time, especially for me as a photographer. I don't like to make any promises so I say just keep watching me and you'll be surprised with different shit. 


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