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Emmanuel Okot

Who is Emmanuel Okot?

I always found questions like this weird and difficult to answer because there’s so much that I could say. I don't know exactly who I am, and sometimes I think I know now but I could be a completely different person tomorrow. I still have a lot of learning and figuring out to do. Right now I would say Emmanuel Okot is a soft shell filled with an unlimited amount of creativity, ideas, energy, and humor. I'm also a really chill and open dude.

What inspires you to create such abstract images?

The reason I create the work that I do is that to me art is creating something that isn’t all there or just doesn’t exist, which hopefully makes someone feel something. For me, the whole process of my pieces is as equally as important as the finished work. Same goes for being able to claim something as your own, do it your own way, and have your own style too it. I really respect that. Right now, a lot of my inspiration comes from this new wave of abstract art and music that represents exactly what I just talked about along with more.

Do you have any favorite mediums you like to work with?

My favorite mediums at the moment are acrylic paint and spray paint.

You recently did the cover art for a local electronic label here in Ottawa. How did that come about?

Yeah, so the Low Noise Production owner Jason messaged me one day saying he really liked this one piece. We were already familiar with each other through Possible Worlds, which he co-owns with Melanie who manages the art side of the shop. I had my first solo exhibition there last March.

Jason asked me if he could use that piece for an upcoming tape that this artist from Taiwan (Colour Domes) was coming out with, and of course, I said yes right away. The tapes turned out really nice. I got a couple tapes, but my tape player is broken so I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet.

What genres of music are you interested in right now?
Right now I've been listening to a lot of contemporary house music, old and new funk, bossa nova, and some indie pop here and there.

Do you have any other ongoing projects like the cover art right now?

Yes, I do actually, one of my friends who makes music and now lives in Montreal hit me up to do some commission work for his music. His artist name is Vienna and I also did something for him last year which really ended up helping his music. I'm also working on a couple zines that will be coming out soon.


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